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  • Почему много слушать радио на английском и учить слова списками вредно, а Google Translate мешает изучению английского? Как научиться слышать даты, числа и названия на английском и как написать резюме на English, чтобы точно понравилось HR ? Как прекратить откладывать английский "на потом" и выучить язык в совершенстве за 2 года? Как научиться читать литературу в оригинале без словаря и перестать бояться говорить на английском? Читайте у нас!

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    От автора

    Language is Cake. 🤩

    Any cake should be served properly. Would you eat a creamy chocolate cake, which is not sliced, or a bit dirty, or half bitten by somebody? Would you enjoy a cake if it lacks sugar, or water, or flour? Could you swallow an enormous piece of cake? I think, not. The same is true of the English language. Every lesson the teacher must give the student a bite-size piece of amusing and curious information in English, which can be easily digested and that has all the ingredients: Grammar, Vocabulary and Phonetics, like a creamy chocolate cake is made of cream, chocolate, and flour.🤓

    All cakes have their own taste. Would you treat your guest to a sugary cake if they suffer from diabetes? Would you treat them to a creamy cake if they are vegans? Would you treat them to a peanut cake if they are allergic to peanuts? Would you treat your guests to an ice-cream cake if they have a sore throat? I believe, not. The same is true of any language:  Highly qualified teachers must choose the proper material, suitable for the level, age, sex, likings, and interests of their students.🙄

    Any cake is not good without a hot cup of tea. You would be thirsty soon if you ate a sweet meal with lots of calories without a drink to wash it down with. We can say the same thing about the English language. We cannot teach the language without teaching our students cultural awareness. A professional, experienced teacher should help their students to learn a lot about the history, geography, culture, literature, traditions and etiquette of the people whose language they study. All languages are similar to cakes.🧐

    Do you agree? 🤔