Что такое английский? Английский - это Freedom. Изучив язык, Вы откроете для себя путь к профессиональному успеху, а с нами у Вас есть уникальная возможность научиться правильному английскому с носителем языка

Would you like to have an amazingly amusing, interactive, interesting and remarkable lesson of Russian?

If you are curious to try something new, for instance, to learn some basics of Russian or want to progress in learning Russian, we are pleased to help you!

We know how to make the process of learning interesting, interactive, amusing and enjoyable and we are going to help you to enjoy the process of mastering the Russian language. We practice several approaches to teaching languages. Most of all we like the grammar-translation method, but at the same time, we are fond of lexical, audiolingual and communicative approaches.

Would you like to start your most remarkable journey to the world of the Russian language? It is a great place to start


Подготовка к TOEFL на 100 баллов.

Возможность проконсультироваться по поводу любого вопроса с носителем языка.

При оплате 5 занятий — пробный урок и тестирование по всем навыкам (чтение, письмо, аудирование, речь) бесплатно.


Английский для хороших людей.

Просто. Доступно. Полезно.

В удобное время в удобном месте.

При оплате от 5 занятий — доступ в разговорный клуб с носителями языка.

Возможность найти "своего" преподавателя.

Грамотное составление плана занятий

Найдем подход к Вашу ребенку. Замотивируем. Поможем. Научим.  Пусть домашнее задание будет в радость!

От автора

Language is Cake.

Any cake should be served properly. Would you eat a creamy chocolate cake, which is not sliced, or a bit dirty, or half bitten by somebody? Would you enjoy a cake if it lacks sugar, or water, or flour? Could you swallow an enormous piece of cake? I think, not. The same is true of the English language. Every lesson the teacher must give the student a bite-size piece of amusing and curious information in English, which can be easily digested and that has all the ingredients:  Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phonetics, like a creamy chocolate cake is made of cream, chocolate, and flour.

All cakes have their own taste. Would you treat your guest to a sugary cake if they suffer from diabetes? Would you treat them to a creamy cake if they are vegans? Would you treat them to a peanut cake if they are allergic to peanuts?  Would you treat your guests to an ice-cream cake if they have a sore throat? I believe, not. The same is true of any language:  Highly qualified teachers must choose the proper material, suitable for the level, age, sex, likings, and interests of their students.

Any cake is not good without a hot cup of tea. You would be thirsty soon if you ate a sweet meal with lots of calories without a drink to wash it down with. We can say the same thing about the English language.  We cannot teach the language without teaching our students cultural awareness. A professional, experienced teacher should help their students to learn a lot about the history, geography, culture, literature, traditions, and etiquette of the people whose language they study. All languages are similar to cakes.

Do you agree?